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A message from ISEA President Tammy Wawro:

As you know, teacher leadership is a hot topic here in Iowa. I’m eager to hear what you have to say about teacher leadership and compensation, and then to take a small group of you to discuss your ideas directly with the Brandstad administration. We want the governor and legislators to hear directly from you, our members, about your ideas for improving the leadership of our schools as a way to improve education for our students.

Educators feel passionately about preparing students for success. They will step up and help lead the way. Help us figure out what structures and cultural supports need to be in place to make that happen!

Please share your ideas here and invite your fellow ISEA members to join us as well.

VIVA Teachers is a project of New Voice Strategies, a nonprofit whose goal is to raise the authority of teachers' voices in education policy. This conversation is open to all ISEA members. Join us and leverage your expertise, ideas and professionalism to create change.

Our Question

How would you envision a greater role for teacher leadership in your school or district and what needs to change in school culture to motivate educators to take on a bigger leadership role? How would it help students if educators had a bigger leadership role in schools and what do you think is the appropriate reward system for educators who step up to leadership roles?
Not So Sure About This...
Allison J., Teacher
I have two degrees beyond my bachelor's degree.  Since I've acquired my Ed.S. in ...
Comments (0) | 10th Jan 2013
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Teacher Leadership Initiative
Mary S., Teacher
I believe that teachers should have the opportunity to apply for the "teacher ...
Comments (0) | 16th Nov 2012
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Departmental Instructional Coach
Ann S., Teacher
In my district every elementary school has an instructional coach.  This person is ...
Comments (0) | 31st Oct 2012
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Teacher Liaison
Tyllie C., Teacher
 I would like to see a teacher leader be a person that could be a liaison between ...
Comments (1) | 30th Oct 2012
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More time in the day
Susan C., Teacher
 We need to restructure the school day so that teachers get true collaboration time. ...
Comments (2) | 30th Oct 2012
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What about the arts
Allison R., Teacher
 Within the school reform conversation, I have heard nothing about what will happen ...
Comments (2) | 30th Oct 2012
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Teacher Local Control
Kent M., Teacher
Isn't time for teachers to be treated as experts in education?  It has always seemed ...
Comments (9) | 8th Oct 2012
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The Reality of Roles and Rewards
Rita M., Teacher
The reality of leadership roles is that they come burdened with more responsibility, more ...
Comments (10) | 17th Oct 2012
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It's all about time.
Victoria R., Teacher
In order to be a great teacher the one thing we need is "time".  We need ...
Comments (9) | 15th Oct 2012
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Nursing Leadership
Diane G., Other
As a school nurse I would like to speak to "Nursing" leadership and ...
Comments (2) | 25th Oct 2012
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Leadership Position Must Have Purpose
Andrew R., Teacher
If we are going forward with the leadership pathways proposed, we must ensure that they ...
Comments (5) | 18th Oct 2012
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Kent J., Teacher
I think that as teachers are asked to do more and more with less and less time to do it, ...
Comments (5) | 9th Oct 2012
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Thanks Andrew for taking that step beyond here and now and describing what should be. What do you think is the most important step Iowa can take to get there?

Dream Leadership Situation
Andrew R., Teacher
What would true teacher leadership look like if we could have our "dream" ...
Comments (6) | 25th Oct 2012
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